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League attended Germany Frankfurt Exhibition 2017

2017-10-28 9:15:46    from:admin    view:3440
League participated in the German textile and sewing equipment exhibition in 2017
Show time: 2017-05-09 to 2017-05-12
Exhibition Hall Name: Exhibition Center Frankfurt (Exhibition Center)
Organization: Messe Frankfurt GmbH

Texprocess exhibition attracted the attention of the global textile and service industry with its world-leading philosophy and excellent exhibition results. 

The products exhibited at the Texprocess show cover all aspects of the textile chain, including design, cutting and preparation, sewing, embroidery, weaving, joints, fittings, dyeing and finishing, IT and logistics. 

The Texprocess Fair offers every two years an opportunity to promote innovation in the apparel and textile industry, demonstrating a new concept, making it the best place for industry professionals to negotiate. 

Texprocess' new and special exhibition concept and event style for the success of the exhibitors to send a monitor sent, but also around the world professional buyers of choice.

All kinds of sewing equipment, cutting equipment, embroidery technology and equipment.
Product sewing and finished product finishing, stitching, connecting and fastening technology and materials, textile finishing equipment.
Energy, temperature control, waste treatment and recycling equipment, internal material transmission equipment.
Textile machinery (weaving, printing and dyeing, etc.).
Automation systems, machinery, accessories, CAD / CAM systems.
Nonwovens production machinery, chemical fiber machinery, sizing machinery, dyeing and dyeing machinery.
Fabrics, chemical fiber raw materials, textile raw materials, yarn, accessories and so on.

All kinds of non-woven fabrics and equipment.